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Film: Visit France Today

Directed by:  Adalene Leflur

Executive Producer:  Daniel Leon   

Production Company: StrathCo Enterprises & Blue Sky Global


"Visit France Today" is a must-watch documentary for anyone who is interested in the rich history and culture of Paris. Directed by Adalene Leflur and produced by Daniel Leon, this film is a perfect blend of historical events and current experiences, all presented through the eyes of a Louvre-trained curator.

The host of the film takes us on a comprehensive tour of Paris, from its earliest days to the modern era, and shares the stories behind some of the city's most iconic landmarks. I found the narration to be captivating and informative, and the visuals were stunning.

One thing that really stood out to me was the host's ability to relate the historical events to our present time and perspectives. It was clear that she had a deep understanding of the subject matter and a passion for sharing it with others.

The film also includes some great recommendations for places to see, explore, and eat at in Paris. As someone who has never been to France, I found this to be particularly helpful and informative.

Overall, I thought that "Visit France Today" was an excellent documentary. The quality and depth of the content was impressive, and I appreciated the balance between history and modern-day experiences. The closed captions were not always accurate, but they provided some good laughs along the way.

While I may not have any experience tasting French food myself, I have heard that it is some of the best cuisine in the world. Perhaps one day I will have the opportunity to try it for myself!

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