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Film: Lords of the Sea

Directed by: Ron Draws

Executive Producer:  Daniel Leon

Production Company: StrathCo Enterprises & Hudson Group  

I was thoroughly impressed by Lords of the Sea. The film does an excellent job of capturing the awe-inspiring nature of crossing the Atlantic in the early days of ocean travel, when it took weeks or even months to make the journey. Through stunning visuals and insightful commentary, the film truly transports the viewer to a time when crossing the ocean was a monumental undertaking. What really sets Lords of the Sea apart, however, is its ability to make this history feel personal and relatable. Even though most of us will never experience the hardships of steerage or the luxury of Cunard First Class, the film manages to connect us with these experiences in a way that feels tangible and real. This is a testament to the film's excellent research and informative storytelling. Overall, I would highly recommend Lords of the Sea to anyone who wants to feel a connection to a bygone era and appreciate the incredible achievements of early ocean travel. It is a well-crafted and thought-provoking program that truly immerses the viewer in a time long gone. I must say that Ron Draws did a great job directing and Daniel Leon along with his company StrathCo Enterprises and Hudson Group did a wonderful job producing. 

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