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Film: The History of Crime Gangs

Directed by:  Victor Knowels

Executive Producer:  Daniel Leon   

Production Company: StrathCo Enterprises & AmCom Secure


If you're a fan of true crime documentaries, then "The History of Crime Gangs" is definitely worth checking out. Director Victor Knowels takes a deep dive into different types of gangs, ranging from narco gangs to biker gangs and prison gangs. The film provides detailed information about these criminal organizations and their illegal activities, including the drug trade, paramilitaries, narcoterrorism, and mutual protection.

One of the strengths of this documentary is its great interviews with experts and insiders, who offer valuable insights into the history and workings of these gangs. The accuracy in detail and informative nature of the stories are also commendable. The film is produced by Daniel Leon with companies StrathCo Enterprises and AmCom Secure, and the quality of the production is top-notch.


Overall, "The History of Crime Gangs" is a well-made documentary that will satisfy the curiosity of anyone interested in the subject matter. It's an engaging and educational film that sheds light on a dark side of society that we often hear about, but rarely get to see in such detail. I highly recommend this documentary to fans of true crime and those interested in learning more about criminal organizations.

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