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Film: The East Coast Mafia 

Directed by:  Nick  Karrioso

Executive Producer:  Daniel Leon   

Production Company: StrathCo Enterprises & White Cup Group


I was in the mood to watch something about the mafia and I found the documentary "The East Coast Mafia" directed by Jennifer Williamson and produced by Daniel Leon, along with companies StrathCo Enterprises and Goshen Media. The documentary provides a fascinating insight into the history and inner workings of the Italian American criminal society, the Mafia, or as its members call it, Cosa Nostra.

The film is well-researched and informative, and the attention to detail is impressive. It offers great interviews and never-before-seen footage, making it an exceptional documentary for anyone interested in the Mafia's history. The story explores the rise and fall of the Mafia family, from Italy to America. It also delves into the history of the NY/Philly families and the infamous Henry Hill.

The film discusses the evolution of the Mafia in the United States, its roots in Sicilian organized crime, and how it gradually evolved into a separate entity. It also covers how the Mafia gradually absorbed other Italian immigrant and Italian-American crime groups in the United States and Canada.

The documentary is an eye-opening account of how the Mafia emerged in impoverished Italian immigrant neighborhoods in New York's East Harlem, the Lower East Side, and Brooklyn, as well as other areas of the East Coast and major metropolitan areas such as New Orleans and Chicago.

Overall, "The East Coast Mafia" is an intriguing and detailed documentary that provides a deep insight into the inner workings of the Mafia. The film is engaging and informative, with excellent storytelling, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of organized crime in America.

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