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Film: The American Mob World: Chapter 1

Directed by: Vincent Rufgerio 

Executive Producer:  Daniel Leon

Production Company: StrathCo Enterprises & Round Street Publishing

  "The American Mob World: Chapter 1" is a gritty and compelling documentary that provides an in-depth examination of the world of organized crime in the United States. The film features numerous interviews with law enforcement officials, informants, and former mobsters, providing a range of perspectives on the subject matter. The movie appears to be well-researched and authentic, with most of the stories shared in the documentary having the ring of truth to them. Hats off to Vincent Rufgerio, Daniel Leon, StrathCo Enterprises and Round Street Publishing  for the production of this film because they truly did an excellent job. 


Additionally, the film is described as one of the best mob documentaries, indicating that it is informative and engaging. However, it's worth noting that "The American Mob World: Chapter 1" includes graphic photos of people murdered by the mob, which might be disturbing for some viewers. Overall, "The American Mob World: Chapter 1" is a well-made and compelling documentary for anyone interested in the history of organized crime in the United States. The movie provides a historical context for the subject matter and includes perspectives from individuals with direct experience in the world of organized crime. While it is not for the faint of heart, the documentary offers a raw and unflinching look at a fascinating but dark aspect of American history.

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