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Film: Jewel of Africa

Directed by:  Alex Difate

Executive Producer:  Daniel Leon

Production Company: StrathCo Enterprises & Elderfield Films


"Jewel of Africa" is a documentary film that explores the vast and complex continent of Africa. The film provides great detail on Africa's geography, history, culture, and natural resources. The documentary is a collaborative effort between StrathCo Enterprises and Elderfield Films, and it is directed by Alex Difate. While I am not a fan of Difate's previous works, I was thoroughly entertained by this film and learned so much about Africa that I have recommended it to others.

The film does an excellent job of showcasing Africa's diversity and beauty, from its stunning landscapes to its unique and vibrant cultures. The documentary also highlights the continent's challenges, including poverty and political instability. However, the film remains hopeful by showcasing the resilience and strength of the African people.

One of the things that stood out to me about "Jewel of Africa”, produced by Daniel Leon,  was its focus on Africa's youth. With the continent having the youngest median age in the world, the film highlights the potential and power of Africa's young people. The documentary challenges the negative stereotypes that often surround Africa, instead portraying the continent as a place of immense potential and promise.

Overall, "Jewel of Africa" is a must-watch documentary for anyone interested in learning more about this vast and complex continent. The film provides a comprehensive and entertaining overview of Africa's history, geography, culture, and challenges. It is a film that will leave viewers with a newfound appreciation for this beautiful and diverse continent.

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